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You are, your most valuable asset.


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About Me

Starting my professional career at a very early stage right after my school days from St. Peters’ College Colombo 4, I started off work at a multinational institution. I began my career in customer service management and throughout the years I have developed my knowledge in Customer Service, Business and Brand Development, MIS, Digital Media Marketing.

I think knowing the fundamentals in some subjects will help understand how things work in real life therefore some subjects such as Computer Networking, H, I learnt the fundaments through Diplomas and subjects like Business Management & Business Administration I specialized in.

Other than Operations I have a really good grasp in other areas such as, Photoshop, cPanel, WordPress, HTML.

I strive to develop my Inbound Marketing Expertise by exploring how the Digital Media Marketing is helping new industries develop over traditional marketing. I have develop fluency in Social Media Advertising, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization.


I try expand my knowledge by giving my services to new industries. With my Inbound marketing knowledge I am able to help companies understand what market segments they will be missing out if they do not enter the Digital Marketing world. Helping them understand how they can manage their customers though digital media.

I have gained knowledge from industries such as, GSCs (Global Servicing Centers), Education (Revalations), Aviation (Skyline Aviation), Electrical (Lyman Alpha Pvt Ltd), Digital Marketing (Aventure Technologies), Cafe and Bakery (Keshiya Bakes) and Telecommunication (TextWare Pvt Ltd)

My Expertise

Business Development
Digital Media Marketing
Project Management
Google Analytics
Google Adwords